IT & Business Automation

Why Automation ?

Ensuring Efficiencies Through Enterprise Process Automation

  • Minimize costs & eliminate manual errors
  • Saves time while attaining higher Quality & Consistency
  • Easy connect to on-premises & cloud technologies
  • Identification of Technical Mistakes in Firewall rules
  • Streamlines communication & enforce accountability
  • Establish simple, linear approval hierarchy
  • Clear metrics for tracking & controlling
  • Faster, Reliable and Accurate outputs
  • Reduce Operation cost
  • Better Floor space utilization
  • People-less availability for 24*7
  • Code less Automation, drag & drop function
  • All in one place - Scripts, batch files, macros etc.
  • Custom User Access control
  • Cross platform process automation
How it Works

  1. Identify Stakeholders / Users Understanding of Business Processes Identify redundant activities
  2. High Level Process Mapping List all input & output data sources Prioritize & sequence processes
  3. Identify improvement opportunities ‘To-be’ system concept Estimate ROI & Benefits metric
  4. Simplify & shorten current processes Design ‘To-Be’ processes Standard operating procedure
  5. HA of Application & Database Centralize all assets & parameters Alerting, Dashboard & Reports
  6. Installation of tool Integrate Trigger systems in env Develop & Test workflows
  7. Measure Speed & Efficiency Handle runtime exceptions / scenarios Build self-intelligence logics
  8. Go live parallel to manual process Compare Automation & Manual results Decommission manual process/systems



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