Human Capital Philosophy
Win as a Team

We foster a team working culture, share & celebrate success and hold-up with each other to create HAPPY TEAMS. We ensure that our Customers see our SMILE not just in expression but in deliveries as well.

Integrity & Respect

Our ethos of Transparency & Meritocracy is at the frontage of everything we do. We are an equal opportunity employer and value skills, ideas and perspectives of each individual with an open door policy.

Ownership & Accountability

Taking the ownership of a task, being accountable to end with desired outcome and execute in a boundary-less behavior are the fundamentals of a Skill-miner.

Be a Change Catalyst

Everyone is free and is expected to challenge the statusquo and find ways to ever-improve the processes and innovate techniques for continuous smart deliveries.

The Skillmine Way

1. Leadership Framework
The Leadership Framework describes the key people competencies which will enable Skillmine to:
  1. Achieve the strategic aims of the Organization
  2. Creating the culture of Skillmine
  3. Deliver high performance

2. Goal Setting & PDP
An Employee roadmap to the next destination in their career path within Skillmine.
  1. Clearly articulate expectations & Set Goals
  2. Identify areas of Improvements and Skills
  3. Develop an action plan to measure

3. Learning & Development
The Skillmine way looks at an ongoing, planned learning and development process, that:
  1. Enables people to expand and fulfil their potential
  2. Contributes to work-based and personal development
  3. Can be applied or assessed against competences and organisational performance
  4. Includes any activity that increases knowledge, experience and understanding, improves performance and contributes to lifelong learning

4. Performance Management
Our way ahead with process, procedures and measuring criteria's for Goal Setting and Managing Performance.
  1. Purpose of document
  2. Approach to Performance Management
  3. Performance Review Cycle

5. Rewards & Recognition
It's harvest time. Though the going might get tough sometimes, we have this policy which makes sure our employees reap the rewards in joy.
Types of Rewards
  1. Spot Award
    To recognize employees for their day-to-day efforts that contribute in a special way to getting the job done.
  2. Values Award
  3. Star Award
    To recognize sustained, exceptional performance and/ or significant contributions over an extended period of time that represents a major portion of the employee's area of responsibilities, including performance or project goals above and beyond normal performance expectations.
  4. Innovation Award
    To recognizes accomplishments that identify and implement new procedures, processes, or ideas that streamline operations; improve current procedures, processes; and/or save time, money, or other resources without reducing the quality of services.
  5. Employee of the year
    To recognize an exemplary performer who will be a role model for the employees.

6. Compensation & Benefits
Summary of our all-encompassing policies including not only salary, but also the direct and indirect benefits we provide to our employees in return for thier contribution to the organization.

Strengthening Capabilities

A core aspect of a robust organization is to measure its own investment in People Development. Skillmine has taken up and investing in Employee Development seriously with Programs around Foundation, Technical Skill Building and Management complemented with requisite Coaching & Mentoring as needed.

This programme is further supplemented by an exciting Rewards & Recognition programme.

The appraisal process of Skillmine not just reviews Performance but also Individual efforts around building own capabilities.

Being Skillmined

With no boss culture, have mentors to nurture your talent with fun.



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