A unified authenticator platform that supports all major protocols and can be integrated with enterprise applications, partner applications, and social media platforms without making any changes

Authenticator is a Unified Authentication Platform that simplifies access management.
Authenticator removes the need for users to remember, and manage multiple passwords. It centralizes authentication and simplifies access management across multiple applications in an organization.

Auth supports various protocols and supports different social media platforms like Facebook, and Google. It also supports classical logins and fewer passwords logins.

It enables users to access applications faster from different digital access points like mobile, web, IoT devices and public kiosks with smart multifactor authentication. Furthermore, it also eases the role of System administrators.

Authenticator supports interacting with various authentication and authorization protocols like OAUTH2, OpenID CONNECT, SAML, AD, LDAP, Classical Login, Password Less login, Social Logins and Enterprise providers.

Supports major
authentication protocols

User management
& security

Supports messaging

Integration with
payment gateways


Offers KYC
& API proxy