we believe that the modern day application infrastructure is fast adapting to digital transformation, however the tools to manage the IT Operations have not. Traditional monitoring has been beset with silo-ed tools that are incapable of adapting and handling the variety of data in a modern day environment.

Vunet is to simplify and move the power of AI and analytics into the hands of CXOs, Application and IT Support teams and break the data silos in your application and operational environment.

AI Driven IT Operataions:

The end-end integrated AI based platform with ITSM tools that connects user experience, customer journeys, business transactions, infrastructure and IT operations. This allows comprehensive bird’s eye view of the IT operations to derive real time business and operational insights on the platform.

Service Operations

  • Help CXOs transform their enterprise IT operations
  • Enable our customers to turn their organization from highly reactive to proactive
  • Provide customisation capabilities to support custom data sources, adapt to workflows of the organisation and easy third party integrations