DataV is a Data visualization tool that permits you to analyze and present large and complex data indexes as visual dashboards. DataV aims to bring the experience of data visualization to a more extensive crowd and help less-experienced engineers assemble proficient visual applications through an instinctive graphical interface.

DataV can satisfy your Data Visualization prerequisites in situations such as conference and shows, business monitoring, risk warning, and geographic data analysis. This Data-driven methodology empowers efficient data mining and analysis permitting the client to take advantage of new lucky breaks that in any case may stay covered up.

Why DataV?

DataV Authorizes you to:
  • ✔  Use a wide range of graphs and widgets.
    To produce professional visualizations, DataV offers a wide range of basic and third party chart libraries.
  • ✔  Build professional geographic visualization projects.
    DataV allows you to overlay geographical data and plot effects such as geographical trajectories, geographical flying lines, heatmaps, regional chunks, and 3D globes.
  • ✔  Create visualization projects from templates designed for different industries.
    DataV provides dozens of customized data templates for different industries to better suit your business.
  • ✔  Build visualization projects easily:
    DataV requires minimal programming skills and allows you to create professional visualization projects with simple drag-and-drop operations.
  • ✔  Flexibly deploy and publish visualization projects.
    DataV visualization projects can be adapted and split into many non-conventional configurations. You can publish projects with the password or token authentication to implement access control and secure information shown on the dashboards.
  • ✔  Wide range of Databases and Data Formats.
    Connect to numerous databases including OracleDB, ApsaraDB for RDS and APIs with the support of dynamic requests. DataV also recognizes static data in CSV and JSON formats.
  • ✔  Simple Publishing and editing.
    A simple and efficient method to configure interactions between components, enabling interactive data analysis by transferring parameters from one component to another.

Identify areas that need attention or improvement


Clarify which factors influence customer behavior.


Help you understand which products to place where.


Predict sales volume

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