Application Development & Support

Custom Application and Portal Development Using Java, .NET, PHP, Sharepoint including mobile apps.

Our Unique High Touch Methodology Ensures High Quality all over

  • Project Initiation
  • Design, Development & Testing
  • Functionality & KT Acceptance
  • Project Closure Approval

Project Initiation

  1. Detailed Use-Case based requirements gathering
  2. Best Estimates, EA Fitment, Onsite / Offsite Mix during Project Planning
  3. Establish Governance & Change Control
  4. Detail Resource, Timeline and Milestone Planning

Design, Development & Testing

  1. Detailed design
  2. Right Dev Method (Waterfall, Agile etc)
  3. Assigned modules
  4. Review and Approve FDD and TDD documents
  5. Produced UAT / SIT cases
  6. Performs Coding & Unit Testing
  7. Functional / Design / Performance Testing

Functionality & KT Acceptance

  1. Review and Define used case scenarios
  2. Approve the UAT environment and approach
  3. Perform UAT and Provide Feedback
  4. Prepares KT documents / Schedules / Audience

Project Closure Approval

  1. Participates in the KT & user training sessions
  2. Provides feedback as applicable
  3. Submit the knowledge document to KEDB
  4. Updates CMDB with all documents



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Use Cases

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