IT Infrastructure

  • Executive Summary
  • L1 Services : Monitoring & Service Desk
  • L2 Services : IMAC
  • L3 Services : Technology Management

Our Mission

To enable organizations to generate Business Values by effectively administering different stages of design, delivery and support of IT Infrastructure programs & services with focus on Performance, Availability, Cost and Extensibility

Our Value Proposition

  1. End-to-End expertise in Consulting & Managed Services in multi-platform and multi-vendor infrastructure landscape
  2. Proven Infrastructure Technology management, Operations and Governance skills
  3. Experience in handling heterogeneous set of tools and Infrastructure vendor products
  4. Industrialized Approach -> Automation -> Productivity
  5. Rich experience in niche areas like Storage & Network Virtualization, MFT, Mobility, Public & Private cloud etc.
  6. Simplified Technology Transformation techniques

Our Methodology

Continuous focus on Performance, Availability, Cost and Extensibility – PACE

Our Capability

  1. ITIL standardization leading to ISO 20000
  2. Standardized Tool & Template based monitoring & maintenance methodologies
  3. Delivery centres in Bangalore and Mumbai to provide assured services
  4. More than 40 years of affluent experience and exposure across industry sectors

Our Offerings

  1. Consulting, Implementation and Support services providing abilities to Design, Deploy and operate IT Infrastructure entities
  2. IT Infrastructure consolidation, virtualization and transformation
  3. Instilling continual process-improvement culture within the delivery organization for a smarter delivery


  1. 24×7×365 monitoring of Network, Databases, Desktops, Servers, Storage, Email, Voice
  2. Ticket Management
  3. L1 Procedures
  4. L2 Escalations

Service Desk Activities

  1. 24×7×365 Services
  2. Call / email management
  3. Execute help desk procedures
  4. Management of incidents
    1. Act as a single point of contact
    2. Act as an interface for other service support/management processes
    3. Notifications - via emails, pagers and faxes
    4. Keep Users / Customers informed of progress through Incident lifecycle
    5. Distribute management information
    6. Define SLAs, escalates & notifies and reports on compliance


  1. Batch Operations & Scheduled jobs management
  2. Software Currency Management

Asset Management

  1. Asset Discovery with Component Inventory
  2. Software Currency Management


  1. Provisioning / De-Provisioning
  2. Application packaging & Software Distribution
  3. Access Control and Management


  1. Patch Notification & Implementation
  2. Hotfixes
  3. Service Packs
  4. Standard DBA activities like update stats etc

Change & Configuration Control

  1. Change & Configuration Control
  2. Configuration Control

Event Management

  1. Threshold Refining and management
  2. Fix repeat alerts / eventsol

Platform Management

  1. Virtualization
  2. Upgrades & Refresh
  3. Rollouts
  4. Test/Development refresh/recreate

Build, Migration and Consolidation Services

  1. Requirements Management
  2. Datacenter consolidation
  3. System & Database Migrations

System Administration

  1. Storage Administration
  2. Messaging and AD Administration
  3. System & Database Migrations
  4. Network, Voice and Video Administration



Brief outline of the services we provide.

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Use Cases

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