COMPLYment keeps your organization compliant with a regimented
approach incorporating applicable policies and security frameworks.
It is designed to simplify the gap analysis process and required
mitigation to attain the desired levels of compliance in organizations.

Why COMPLYment

COMPLYment is a compliance management system. It helps security teams in managing
compliance by configuring and monitoring compliance tasks across the organization.

COMPLYment provides flexibility for managing and tracking the adherence to various
compliance standards like PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SEBI, SAMA, GDPR etc.

It is designed to simplify the gap analysis process and helps with respective mitigation and accomplish the desired level of compliance for organizations.

Key Features



Risk & Audit


Dashboards &


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Operational Workflow

Business Benefits

  • COMPLYment provides automation for managing and tracking the necessary compliance as per various standards like RBI, SEBI, PCI, ISO, SAMA, HIPAA et
  • Abstraction and role based tasks, reminders and notifications to create a water-tight working mechanism for ongoing compliance
  • COMPLYMENT supports both cloud based deployment and on-premise deployment, depending on business requirements.
  • This solution enables organizations to create an online organized repository for the policies, processes, procedures, KPIs and evidences.
  • The automated workflows enable various teams to collaborate and work towards common objectives.
  • Visual dashboards and reports provide an executive view to monitor the overall status of compliance

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