SIMPLIFY access management WITH Unified authentication

Skillmine Auth removes the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords. It centralizes authentication and simplifies access management across multiple applications in an organization.

It enables users to access applications faster from different digital access points, like mobile, web, IoT devices and public kiosks with smart multifactor authentication. Furthermore, it also eases the role of Sysadmins.

Skillmine Auth supports various protocols (OAuth2 & OpenID connect, SAML, AD, LDAP) and supports different social media platforms like Facebook and Google. It also supports classical logins and password less logins.

Analyze Data, Visualize Trends & FOSTER Decision Making

Data Visualization enables decision makers to take structured decisions with sensible trends analysis and data patterns with visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps.

DataV offers interactive visualization, with which you can analyse the data bit
deeper and broader with a combination of different visual trends and patterns.

DataV organizes data into a structured format and adds a logical layer with reasoning that simplifies complex data and processes massive amount of information.

For many people, seeing analytical results presented visually makes interpretation easier and sense the pattern trends & correlations faster.


In the new norm of remote work culture, Jarvis enables managers to trace and track the attendance of the employees automatically without violating their privacy.

A desktop based application that authenticates using facial recognition, captures the coordinates and sends the result to the server in a timely manner.

Jarvis can be integrated with your Active Directory or Office 365 environment.

Jarvis admin portal gives you comprehensive yet detailed availability reports of your employees in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You can also define custom time range and view every day’s activity in detail.


COMPLYment is a Compliance Management System. It helps to manage compliance by configuring and monitoring compliance tasks across the Organization.

It reminds stake-holders of approaching tasks and facilitates Global audit.

COMPLYment provides flexibility for managing and tracking the necessary compliance as per various Standards like PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SEBI, SAMA, GDPR etc.

It is designed to simplify the gap analysis process and required mitigation, to attain the desired compliance level for organizations. The structured approach of COMPLYment increases overall process efficiencies for the organization.


eComPaaS offers an environment for building e-commerce applications quickly. It gives you a high degree of flexibility and customization with replaceable parts of the framework code and bootstrapping to build and scale faster.

It incorporates robust workflows and tailor-made, reusable components and domain specific insights which are suitable for building virtually all kinds of online shops and e-commerce related (web) applications.

We employed a sturdy architectural model that can swiftly adapt changing business models with heavy use of interfaces and standard design patterns that are extensible by user written code.


UNICONZ helps Talent Acquisition teams to optimize the hiring process both from timelines and quality aspects. It delivers a great degree of customer delight through regimented efforts and constant focus on business needs.

UNICONZ facilitates end to end recruitment solution right from the line managers raising requisitions online till closing the position and rolling out offer to the candidate. It covers job posting, sourcing profiles, scheduling interviews, capturing feedback and tracking.

It’s a great platform for sure to find genuine, quality and verified profiles with
reasonable timelines to join. You need not search and shuffle through multiple profiles, as you can get competent profiles matching your job description.


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