Heliocor ensures regulatory compliance within the financial service sector, and addresses the excesses of the previous decades and re-establish its once trusted and steadfast status.

Heliocor is a regulatory software company that wants to change the way the world does business. We help our clients cope with the ever-changing demands of regulation by delivering solutions that meet compliance and regulatory requirements, specifically in the area of fraud detection and prevention.

Our software focused on providing regulatory compliance within the financial services sector, helping the sector address the excesses of the previous couple of decades and helping it re-establish its once trusted and steadfast status. We build compliance tools for compliance professionals.


Compliance Technology

Regulatory Technology
Platform Enhancements

Data Quality &
Compliance Reporting

Extensible Platform
for Additional Regulations

Fast Deliver, Development
& Time-to-Market

Adoption of leading
edge Technologies

Key AREAS where Compliance is A PRIORITY

  • AML
  • Financial Crime
  • GDPR compliant
  • KYC & KYE
  • Market abuse
  • MiFD II
  • Trade Surveillance
  • Transaction Monitoring


Robolitics is a real-time Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting platform providing Cross Asset Class and Cross Regulation surveillance, integrating them into a single platform. We use Machine Learning and AI to reduce the number of false positives and Deep Learning / Neural Networks pattern recognition technology to identify new risks and issues as they happen, rather than after the event.


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