Coming onboard means joining the family

The art of motivating people to move towards a common goal- This is the quality that makes a leader. It’s through leadership, a vital management function that organizations can improve their efficiency and achieve targets. Efficient leaders not only provide clarity of purpose to the organization but direct the employees with a strategy to realize its mission.

The leaders of Skillmine have been continuously inspiring the team of Skillminers by setting direction and encouraging innovation. They have been the ‘guiding light’ helping the organization accomplish its goal by making its objective clear to employees. They have nurtured an environment to enable the employees to learn and grow while encouraging them to perform their best.

The Team

Name:Mr. Anant Agrawal
Role: Managing Director

Mr. Anant Agrawal, Managing Director of Skillmine Technology is an accomplished IT professional with outstanding technical knowledge and skills.He has used his creativity, strategic thinking, and passion
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Name:Vishwa Kiran
Role:Product Engineering

Vishwa Kiran, Executive Vice-President is an engineer by education who holds extensive experience in product Engineering, Enterprise and large-scale solution architecture, full-cycle software
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Name:Samir Mehta
Role: Director Talent Acquisition

Samir is working closely with Account Managers, TA Specialists, and HR Business Partners to construct plans and strategies to improve the recruitment process at Skillmine.
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Name:Sampath Polisetty
Role:Enterprise Solution Architect

Sampath Kumar Polisetty is enterprise solution architect and head of Technology & Consulting division at Skillmine. Currently positioned as Vice-President.
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Role:Enterprise Solution Architect

Vimal, a software expert, makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.
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Name:Anupam Joshi
Role:Cyber Security

Anupam Joshi, currently working as a Senior Manager in Skillmine Technology Consulting has over 17 years of expertise in IT Security, Data Control,
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Name:Murukraj Nair
Role:IT Infrastructure

Murukraj Nair, currently positioned as a Senior Manager with 14+ years of experience in IT Infrastructure Services, is immensely experienced in DC
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