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How can we help ?
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How can we help ?
Skillmine is a name to reckon with in the IT and Tech world as a value adding partner.
How can we help ?

An idea with a purpose is where Skillmine began its journey, 10 years back!
What began as an effort to bridge the gap in delivery has made us a name to reckon with in IT Consulting and Managed Services.
As a team of highly skilled people, we have the agility to cater to unique needs and the power to offer scalability to businesses. Our track record is the proof of our impeccable service story. We believe in helping businesses grow while empowering our team to deliver innovations that matter.
Skillmine is your one-stop for all IT solutions!

Our Services

Our Services for your business success!

We integrate digital technology into every element of your business, transforming the way you deliver, operate, and give your consumers an advantage. We help customers reimagine businesses through our digital transformation services.

Advanced threats put forward by today’s world demands intelligent security solutions. Security takes precedence in all our operations. With components working in tandem, we safeguard your business’ security. Through 24*7 monitoring of your business infrastructure, we predict breaches and build security at every level of your business.

We create a plethora of solutions that align with new technologies. Digital enterprises of tomorrow can leverage the best in class cloud services and advanced features with us. Our services are focused on delivering secure, agile, and excellent experiences to our customers.

We let businesses blend in well with the changing marketplace, by aligning the right talents as per the needs of your business. Our expert panel of recruiters identifies the skill set demanded by diverse markets and devises strategies accordingly.

Our Solutions

Our solutions for all your questions!

Cloud Transformation

Our range of cloud transformation services help you move to cloud quickly and correctly. Create digital businesses of tomorrow by having the best in class innovations and cloud services.

Security Operations Centre

Our SOC solutions offer next-generation tools and complete coverage of important IT systems & applications. Our standard incident response structures give tight security to data systems.

Adopting RPA

Our RPA services increase the productivity of your workforce and the performance of its business operations. We make end-to-end process discovery and transform your business processes.

Delivery Centre

We have a special offshore team, well-equipped with the latest infrastructure. The Skillmine Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) team managed jointly, gives you the feel of an extended office.

Our Products

Engineered Products for your Business Success!

A unified authentication platform that supports all major protocols and can be integrated with leading social media platforms and enterprise applications.

COMPLYment keeps your organization compliant with a regimented approach incorporating applicable policies and security frameworks.

Analyse data, visualize trends & foster decision-making with DATA V. Analyse the data deeper & broader with visual trends & patterns.

eComPaaS gives an environment for building e-commerce applications quickly. Strong design that can quickly adjust to changing business models.

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Businesses we add value to, globally!


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Company Culture

Our Talents, Our Assets!


We believe that the individual growth of the employee and the business should go hand-in-hand. We are an execution-driven company that gives great value to a healthy work environment.


Inclusivity is our keyword. Skillmine is a great place to work for people from all backgrounds and experiences. We offer the right platform to learn, bloom and grow in your corporate career.


The leadership qualities derived from our rich experience help us to drive the business forward. We combine our experience and technology to deliver the best to the customer.


The best in their respective realms of professions, work with us. Our employees give utmost importance to quality service. They go beyond the boundary line to give you the best result.

What's new

Skillmine Knowledge Panel!

McKinsey’s 2020 global survey of business leaders from a broad cross-section of industries found that 66% were piloting solutions to automate at least one business process, up from 57%, two years earlier.

From Blogs | 2022

Importance of a multi-layered approach in cyber security

In April 2021, trading platform Upstox openly acknowledged a breach of know-your-customer (KYC) data. KYC data is collected by financial service companies to verify their customers’ identities and prevent fraud or money laundering. However, hackers can use KYC data to commit identity theft. The damage was reversed by asking customers to reset their passwords. The instances of cyberattacks are on the rise and a multi-layered security approach can help you better safeguard your company’s data. Thus, it should be a part of your overall ICT security plan. 

From Blogs | 2022

5 factors affecting the future of data science

By Infosec | 25 November 2019

Data science is a technology that extracts information and insights from various datasets using scientific methods, procedures, algorithms, and systems. When artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are combined in the area of data science, they create a world of algorithms and insights that drive an organization’s efficiency and productivity.The capacity to work with large amounts of data is becoming increasingly crucial as the world around us becomes increasingly digitised and data-driven. 

Know these 5 Major challenges to Big Data

According to data platform Statista, data generation will exceed 180 zettabytes by 2025. That’s an increase of around 118.8 zettabytes from 2020. Netflix saves $1 billion each year on user retention using big data. What is big data and why is it important?

Big data refers to massive data collections compiled from a variety of sources. Due to their size and complexity, these data sets cannot be collected, stored, or analysed using any of the existing traditional techniques. This data can be used in a variety of ways once it has been examined.

From Blogs | 2022

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