How Skillmine Auth helped a leading credit lending fintech company unlock website excellence

How Skillmine Auth helped a leading credit lending fintech company unlock website excellence

The customer is the largest and fastest growing consumer lending fintech company in India that implements trending technologies like digital banking, mobile technology, and Artificial Intelligence. As the client’s growth trajectory was uphill, managing the partner onboarding and user management became increasingly complex for them. The company approached Skillmine for a solution to streamline their operations. This case study exhibits how Skillmine Auth helped the client improve website functionality. 

Business Challenge  

  • Data security concerns. 
  • Monolithic services and websites. 
  • Non-scalable partner onboarding.  
  • Non-scalable user management module.  
  • Limited customization with existing platform.  
  • Time-consuming content updates on the website. 
  • Outdated web and mobile application with an unresponsive design and limited functionality. 

Solution Offered 

  • Streamlined Integrated Operations: Extensively assessed the offline business partners’ operations and integrated diverse processes to streamline workflows, ultimately improving efficiency and minimizing redundancies. 
  • Cutting-edge Standalone Microservice Architecture: Created and deployed an independent microservice structure, empowering the client to develop modular components in isolation, fostering flexibility and simplifying maintenance.  
  • Progressive Web App (PWA): Developed a web application that offered a more app-like experience to users while still being delivered through the web. PWAs were designed to work seamlessly across various devices and platforms. 
  • Seamless Ecosystem Integration: Achieved flawless integration of the new platform with the existing systems of our in-store partner, facilitating uninterrupted data flow and seamless application communication. 
  • Future-proof and Agile App & Website: Created a website prepared for the future, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and coding best practices, securing its adaptability to evolving digital landscapes. 
  • Version Control for the Website: Established version control for the website, granting the client the ability to trace modifications and revert to earlier versions with ease, safeguarding content integrity and minimizing error risks. 

Execution: Skillmine Approach and Methodology 

  • Requirement Discovery and Analysis: Our process began with a deep dive into the client’s requirements, business objectives, and target audience. We collaborated to outline essential features, user management, and technical specifics, establishing a well-defined project scope. 

  • Planning and Scope Definition: The team crafted a project plan, including timelines, milestones, and resources, based on gathered requirements. We also outlined the project scope, specifying features, functions, and user permissions for organized development. 

  • Auth User management: Based on the client’s needs and project scope, Skillmine used the most suitable Authentication platform within the client’s ecosystem. The Skillmine Auth system, an optimal solution for fast and secure identity management, ensured easy authentication, authorization, user management, scalability, security, and the ability to accommodate future enhancements. 

  • Customization and UI/UX Design: The design team worked with the client to produce wireframes, interactive prototypes, and mockups that matched their brand and user experience goals. These designs were made responsive and device-optimized. 

  • Agile Development Methodology: Utilized an agile development method, dividing the project into smaller iterations (sprints). This enabled the team to provide gradual updates, collect ongoing feedback, and adapt to changes efficiently. 

  • Front-end and Back-end Development: Constructed user-friendly, visually captivating interfaces with cutting-edge web tech. We additionally developed a partner app and custom modules, seamlessly integrating them with the front-end. 

  • Progressive Web App Development: Our front-end team expanded the web app to incorporate PWA features, enhancing user engagement, cost-efficiency, cross-platform compatibility, and delivering a more app-like experience. 

  • Thorough Testing and Quality Assurance: The QA team conducted comprehensive testing, including functionality, cross-browser, performance, and security assessments, guaranteeing a flawless and secure website. 

  • Auth Deployment and Support: Employed CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment, speeding up time-to-market and boosting project efficiency. Our team offered post-launch technical support and maintenance for the Auth solution to promptly address any issues. 

  • Security and Compliance: Strong security measures were put in place and industry standards were followed to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with applicable regulations. 

  • Training and Documentation: Provided in-depth training to content managers and administrators for proficient usage of the Partner app. Moreover, our team supplied comprehensive documentation for future reference and problem-solving. 

Customer Benefits 

  • Enhanced data security. 
  • Efficient content management. 
  • Improved User Experience and client satisfaction.  
  • Modernized Website and professional platform. 
  • Hyper local contextualization and service availability.  
  • Reduced the time required for content updates and costs associated with technical staff. 

Data Points 

  • Deployed Skillmine Auth on-premises. 
  • Integrated Auth with the client ecosystem. 
  • Handling an average of 300+ partner requests daily. 
  • Improved data accuracy, reduced errors and improved partner onboarding by 90%. 
  • 80% increase in website traffic and 40% growth from offline store partners. 
  • Reduced data loss risks by 90%. 
  • 95% satisfaction rate with the new partner app and website’s user-friendly interface. 
  • Easy appointment booking process, and informative content. 
  • Reliability and uptime increased by 99.9%. 

Competency & Capability

  • Cutting-edge technology stack. 
  • Scalable and agile solutions. 
  • Streamlined content management. 
  • Robust data security. 
  • Customer-centric approach. 

Download Complete Case Study

Download Complete Case Study

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