In the new norm of remote work culture, Jarvis enables
managers to track the productivity of the employees
automatically and in real time without violating their privacy


Why Jarvis

A desktop based application that authenticates using facial recognition, captures the
coordinates and sends the result to the server in a timely manner.

Jarvis can be integrated with your Active Directory or Office 365 environment.

Jarvis admin portal gives you comprehensive yet detailed availability reports of your
employees in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You can also define custom time range and view every day’s activity in detail

Key Features

Automated Attendance

Employee Productivity Management

Facial Recognition

Realtime Tracking in the background

Employee privacy &
confidentiality safeguarded

Integration with O365

Track your employee productivity smartly & timely

A PC based smart application to track, monitor and measure productivity and performance of your workforce
without violating their privacy and avoiding tedious manual time sheet filing process

Process Workflow

Business Benefits

  • Track employee’s productivity
  • Real-time report
  • Full Admin Control
  • Easy onboarding with existing enterprise providers
  • Employee can see their total activity in real-time

Admin Portal

Admin portal will be handled by the key persons in the company.
Using this portal Admin can do the following

  • Track employee’s productivity
  • Track employee’s productivity
  • Track employee’s productivity

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