Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work

-Vince Lombardi


With our strong leadership DNA, we the people of Skillmine “Make the way, Go the way and Show the way.”

We work to achieve the strategic objectives of the organizations. We believe in being flexible to stretch our perseverance and deliver high performance to our customers.

Furthermore, we are agile and believe that change brings new opportunities. We reinvent, recreate and develop together.

We love working together and winning as a team.



My journey is Skillmine so far has been awesome, as I had a good supportive hand from my team. Skillmine has given me scope to see my skills develop well. I still have a long way by at Skillmine and a lot to learn.
Thumma Sirisha
HR Executive
Skillmine is the first company where I got to meet everyone till the top management. Process and work are so easy with the supportive HR team and the yearly goodies, team dinner we have been getting are so kind of Skillmine.
Karthick Raja
Senior Consultant, Information Security
85% of the people in the industry work hard & smart with a commitment to their organizations. But the real difference is that only 3-5% of them have a good leader who recognizes their efforts timely, rewards them heartily, and coaches them effectively to the next level. I am lucky to fall in the 3-5% category. Skillmine played a key role and has become an integral part of my life.
Sampath Kumar Polisetty
Vice President - Technology & Consulting
Skillmine to me is the heat that molds up a raw material and shapes it. My journey from being a hardcore developer to a person who can handle adventitious situations professionally. I have been able to use my skills to get ahead here with help from my colleagues and leadership team.
Fahad Ibrahim M. Ali
AVP, Software Delivery
Skillmine has provided me with the direct exposure to network and hardware servers that has given me the confidence to troubleshoot almost everything and explore my potentials in the field of IT. I have learned a lot in this mine of skilled people and Skillmine is more like a second home to me.
Aditya Agrawal
IT Consultant
Skillmine has provided me the right platform to discover my potential more. Over these years I have learned a lot of things at Skillmine, I am feeling very much optimistic here as I could utilize my technical knowledge to the best in finding out the right talents for the Industry. I could find myself evolving well with my interpersonal skills. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn at Skillmine.
Balasubramani Shaktivel
Associate Analyst
Over the past two years I could find myself evolving well with Skillmine by dealing with my team, and I could claim myself to be a good team player. I am taking care of incident and change management right now, and I am working on to take up knowledge management too and looking forward to being in a manager-level position very soon. I believe Skillmine is the right place where I get rewarded for the efforts I put.
Rohit Kumbala
Senior Consultant, Incident and Change Manager
My journey in Skillmine has been very good, Skillmine is one of the best organizations that I have worked so far in my career. I have got good support from all my seniors in learning and understanding new concepts, new ideas, etc. Skillmine has the best culture of recognizing employees for their efforts and results.
Ajay Kumar
DevOps Consultant


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