Understanding Authentication and Authorization: A Technical Webinar

| 26th August 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (IST)

Overview :

Creating trustworthy experiences for employees and customers is necessary for doing business today. Trust is a crucial factor for gaining new customers and maintaining existing ones. Your identity and access management system are the cornerstone of such trusted experiences. 

A trusted platform for access management is a prerequisite if you aim to grow your business- A platform that can safeguard users’ identities, one that is customizable, extensible, and scalable, so that you can build a unique workforce and customer solutions for your organization. 

Skillmine Auth is an authentication and authorization solution that helps organizations strengthen their security posture in line with their progress. It encompasses all the critical elements of a trusted access management platform and helps businesses overcome their authentication challenges. Know more about authentication and authorization and our home-grown access management solution, Auth, through the webinar! 

Key Takeaways from the webinar :

Who’s this webinar for?

- Small and Medium-scale organizations.
- Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare industries and more.
- Anyone looking to enhance their knowledge about authentication and authorization.

Our Speaker

Anant Agrawal

Managing Director

Skillmine Technology Consulting

Anant Agrawal who helms Skillmine, has built his career over the last 28 years in various roles across Financial Services, Capital Markets, Insurance, and Retail sectors. He has rich experience in establishing and managing complex commercial contracts.

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