An account of how Digital Transformation enabled an organization to create an omnichannel user experience

An account of how digital transformation

With a presence in 5 countries, the client is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms. To meet the demands of their users, the client wanted an integrated omnichannel approach for all their products and services. 


  • Wider audience.
  • Improved information sharing.
  • Enhanced customer experience and loyalty.
  • Convergence of in-store and digital shopping experience.

The company needed to introduce changes to meet its needs for the growing client base and deliver a seamless omnichannel user experience. It reached out to Skillmine to help it undergo a significant revamp. Skillmine developed and launched a new app for the company. We could direct new and existing audiences to the products most relevant to each potential customer through deep linking.

Results generated for the client: 

  • Jump in sales by 40%.
  • 35% Diversification in sales channels.
  • 45% Improvement in purchase values on the app.
  • Better user experience.
  • ROI multiplied by three times.


There might not be a single straightforward answer that applies to all businesses creating an omnichannel user experience, but the winning strategy is clear. Skillmine identified the strategy for the client. We combined our digital transformation and app development services to help the company connect customer data and fulfil the customers’ demands on all channels.

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