An account of how eCommerce Website and App Development can lead to increased online sales and conversions

how eCommerce Website

Withover 2,00,000 website visitors every month, the client is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the fashion domain. The company needed a new eCommerce website to sell its products online. The company reached out to Skillmine to develop and deploy a robust, reliable, and scalable web application.


  • Complex maintenance.
  • Outdated website interface.
  • Need for a responsive design.
  • Complexity in cart integration.
  • Difficulty in order management.
  • Lack of fully functional online storefront.

The company reached out to Skillmine to help it undergo a significant revamp in website design and development. Site-wide enhancements were implemented, including integration of coupon systems, upselling, and email management.

Solutions offered by Skillmine: 

  • Reliable API deployment.
  • Development and deployment of new website features.
  • Optimization of critical processes such as:
  • Loading time.
  • A/B testing.
  • Navigation.

Results generated for the client: 

  • 43% Increase in Conversion Rate.
  • Enhanced website performance.
  • Streamlined order placement flows.
  • Major cutback on operational costs.
  • Elevated overall website experience.
  • 300% increase in online sales by month 3.
  • Engaging UX-focused mobile and desktop design.
  • Created a 100% mobile and responsive eCommerce website.


Skillmine provided the client with solutions that were safe, scalable, and performance-ready. We worked closely with the company to deliver a fully responsive digital experience. Simple navigation and payment options were incorporated to create a better shopping experience for the customers. The products were divided into different categories and the customer could also use filters to search for products per their requirement. The website’s user-friendly interface succeeded in helping the brand sell more products than intended.

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