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case study

The client is a leading FinTech company that has grown into a full-fledged financial product suite over the last 10 years, with offices across India. The company reached out to Skillmine to revamp itself with a data-driven digital transformation solution.

Problems faced by the client:

  • Inaccurate analysis and reporting.
  • Heavy reliance on spreadsheets, riddled with errors.
  • Increased stress to both employee and customers.
  • Inefficient and highly time-consuming task processing.
  • Poor decision-making and forecasting.

The company reached out to Skillmine to help it rectify and revamp its reporting. It underwent a massive digital transformation drive with the help of Skillmine.

Solutions offered by Skillmine:

  • Thorough analysis of reports generated by Finance and other departments.
  • Used rationalization to eliminate reports with little impact.
  • Developed a dynamic reporting structure with dashboards.
  • Implemented DATA V, a data visualization and analytics solution for better decision-making.
  • Research was conducted to map user journeys and personas.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities were implemented to reduce manual intervention and combat iterative processes.
Results generated for the client:

  • Dramatic increase in the FinTech’s service speed.
  • Automated reports that provided accurate data.
  • Significant reduction in costly human errors.
  • New opportunities to expand to the global market.
  • Improved employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: The client has been able to reap the benefits like better efficiencies and insights on demand as a result of Skillmine’s solutions. Skillmine’s homegrown tool DATA V helped the company identify business trends quickly and make logical decisions from time to time. Through a customized dashboard, data synthesis and visualization capabilities, DATA V gave a competitive advantage to the client. In short, automation made possible by Skillmine has paved way for better decisions, smarter Finance and a streamlined digital transformation for the company.

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