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Our array of cloud transformation services help you move to the cloud quickly and precisely. Build digital enterprises of tomorrow leveraging best in class cloud services & advanced features.

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Cloud Services offers a phenomenal set of features like scalability, agility, granular pricing and wide range of services like microservices, mobile
device management, Analytics, Streaming services to Hadoop and SAP HANA offerings.

No wonder that Cloud has become the default norm for many organizations to leverage the respective offering to enhance user experience with
advanced offerings yet causing minimal/no disruption to the business. Here is how one can plan a cloud transformation


Understand your Business

Broader understanding of your business and core focus areas in the next 3-5 years is very much essential and crucial step to start your cloud transformation journey. Formulate a technology strategy in line with it and evaluate different options both from OPex & CAPex standpoint, capability management and the degree of management overhead associated with it.

Identify your Key Takeaways from Cloud

Cloud offers many features like scalability, resiliency, availability, pay as you use model, broad range of services ranging from microservices to machine learning platforms. Identify key, sense making and value adding takeaways that fosters your business and which lets you keep your focus on core business vision and mission.

Assess Cloud Readiness of your Applications

Assess all your application’s and infrastructure’s cloud readiness, outline the section of infrastructure or applications that can be straight away migrated to cloud, section of applications that needs tremendous efforts and cost to ‘refactor or repurchased’ to be hosted in cloud. Now calculate the TCO, outline the risks associated with each approach.

Formulate Cloud Deployment Strategy

Decipher the information from previous stages and define your own cloud strategy. Several cloud strategies include private cloud, public cloud, multi cloud and hybrid infrastructure. Edge computing is the new buzz word, which is mainly targeting user experience and optimize response times to user requests.

Decide Migration Strategy (6 R)

6 key migration strategies are Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retain and Retire. Identify all the applications and infrastructure, define a migration strategy against each application and move further. Please start with sandbox environments in cloud, experience the near real time operations and assess the performance post migration to cloud. Move forward only when these results are positive, otherwise restart from assessment.

Cloud Management & Operations

Efficient and effective management of cloud infrastructure is highly crucial both from performance process audits and corrective measures identified as part of this process. Ensure this a continuous process.

Secure Data on Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure is ubiquitous and securing data is unanimous but tactical. You need to have a clear strategy to secure both “data in rest” and “data in transit” by leveraging SIEM tools, GRC, WAF and enforce robust encryption standards and FIM, DLP tools with advanced features like threat intelligence & user behaviour analysis.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Beyond data security, securing complete cloud infrastructure is bit tricky yet comprehensive and exhaustive exercise as cloud service provider offers security standards by default. You are equally responsible to secure cloud infrastructure starting from architecture till server access with your own set of tools & processes.

Application Migration & Cloud Adoption together forms your Cloud Transformation.

Skillmine helps you with your cloud transformation right from strategy consulting to cloud operations and securing cloud infrastructure. Our pool of experts with proven expertise will assure your cloud transformation journey goes smooth and immaculate. This is the best time to get rid off legacy applications and do housekeeping of data and assets

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