We integrate digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing the way you operate and deliver value to customers.

Digital Transformation

The global disruptions of 2020 are accelerating investments in business transformation and creating a mandate to be agile and resilient.

96% of leaders say the pandemic will speed their digital transformation by an average of 5.3 years.

Digital technologies have also been a great equaliser, allowing digital natives to emerge as serious challengers to the dominant market leaders.

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App Prototyping
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Devops Ecosystem

Devops Ecosystem

Skillmine’s DevOps Services enable organizations to integrate the methodologies of development and operations for quicker turn around of software releases & deploy them more frequently & continuously.

We employ the culture of “Everything as Code”, creating harmony in cloud operations with continuous delivery, realizing better throughput, resilient systems, and faster time to market.

Our robust DevOps model ensures all the four key building blocks Develop, Build & Test, Deploy, Operate & Monitor in matured & resilient state with discrete set of tools and practices.

Review Refactor Migrate Integrate & Operate

We leverage advanced set of tools like RPA, IoT, DevOps and Cloud services to make your DX journey smooth and comprehensive covering all the key aspects of cyber security and compliance.

Maturity of 6 Stage Digital Transformation Process

as Usual

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  • Customize the maturity model to inform specific roadmap development
  • Peer company bench-marking
  • Executive alignment and buy-in
  • Bolster sense of urgency
  • Future marketing trend insights
  • Prioritize digital transformation initiatives
  • Set a new vision, course, and platform for leadership
  • Develop new models, processes, and a purpose for technology and the future of work

DX - ECO System


Digital Transformation Helps Executives To

More effectively compete against existing and emerging competitors.

Accelerate “go-to-market” initiatives in ways that are more relevant and rewarding.

Evolve business mindsets, models, and operations to outpace competitors.

Develop innovative products and services that withstand disruption.

Deliver meaningful and valuable customer (and employee) experiences.

ERP Solutions & Services

ERP Solutions

ERP Migration Solutions

  • Platform Migration Services
  • System Migration Services
  • On Premises CRM to Cloud CRM
  • ERP Upgrades
  • We Ensure Data Integrity
  • Seamless Migrations

ERP Consultant Services

  • ERP Consultants
  • ERP System Designs
  • Maximize ROI
  • Optimizing Business Processes
  • Customize Your Solution
  • Implement New Solutions

ERP Extension and Plugin Development

  • API Extensions
  • Web Portal
  • Social and Mobile
  • MRP and CRM Extensions
  • Browser Extensions
  • Customisation for Business

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