Companies today need a quicker approach to create apps because developing mobile apps requires a significant investment in talent, time, and money. Here are two frameworks that help in creating apps faster: React Native and Flutter (native app). 

React Native is a Facebook invention that became open-source in 2015. It makes use of JavaScript language and React library to build apps for both Android and iOS platforms.  

Flutter is an open-source ( open source analytics ) cross-platform framework that was developed by Google. It uses Dart language introduced by Google in 2011.  

Let’s understand the key differences between React Native and Flutter: 

S No Criteria React Native Flutter 
Programming language It uses JavaScript to create mobile apps. It uses Dart language to create a mobile app. 
Installation installed using Node Package Manager (NPM). Supports binary download straight from GitHub for a particular platform.  
UI Component and Development API  Relies heavily on third-party libraries to access most of the native modules.  Excludes necessity of 3rd-party library dues its own rich set of components.  
Community support  It has very strong community support where the questions and issues can be solved quickly. It has less community support compared to React Native. 
Testing   React Native uses third-party tools that are available for testing the app.  Flutter provides a very rich set of testing features, that allows unit testing, integration testing, and widget testing. 
Performance  The performance of the React Native app is slow in comparison to the Flutter app. Here, sometimes developers face issues while running the hybrid application architecture.  The performance of the Flutter application is fast. Flutter compiles the application by using the arm C/C++ library that makes it closer to machine code and gives the app a better native performance.  


Though Flutter and React Native are both open-source frameworks that can be used by anyone, there are several differences between the two as stated above. However, both are great choices that can save you time and cost while undertaking mobile app development. Skillmine’s mobile app development services can help you in creating functional applications for your business.

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