Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies In New York 2022

About company

Retro Cube is a universal giant in the field of mobile app development and design, especially known for iOS app development. They are experts in the development and designing of game apps and other productive apps. You can get passionate, diligent and well-trained professionals from Retrocube, who are capable of delivering your project in time and above your expectations. They have successfully delivered more or less 1000+ app development projects.


To complete the projects efficiently, the company’s professionals designed a four-stage process. Which includes:


They believe that the effective communication between clients and the company is the base of the success of the projects. Therefore, they invest their time in sending and receiving clear messages to their clients, understanding their project requirements, comprehending their business needs, and letting them know the possibilities and then they start planning accordingly.


Afterward, they conduct mind-mapping and brainstorming sessions. They analyze what is feasible and would fit into the client’s requirements. Then communicate their findings to the clients and make them aware of all the possible solutions in order to make the final decision about how the project will start, how much time it will take and what is the affordable and estimated budget.


Once they get a green chit from their clients then they move towards the process of development of the project which they divide into four stages.

Stage 1: Analysis, design and thinking, and wireframes

Stage 2: UI / UX design, user stories, architecture, and test cases

Stage 3: Front-end Development, Back-end Development, and Testing & QA

Stage 4: Placement, One-to-one care and Modification


Once they complete the development then they shift to the next step which is the deployment. They deploy the app on all possible platforms for instance android and iOS stores. They generate reports on an everyday basis after analyzing the daily progress.


The company has gathered around 650+ professionals under one roof, who are experts in their domain. They are having expertise in the field of mobile apps ( mobile apps for business ), web apps, database and cloud.

About company

They are experts in the field of mobile app, web apps and website development, having highly qualified and skilled professionals who assist and provide leading apps for iOS and Android. They have served and are unstopping serving startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to several platforms. They assist businesses in delivering their messages to their target audience in an exceptionally great way.


Develop App Like has a six-stage process for the execution of any project.


First of all, they collect all the required details and guidelines of the project from them such as their needs regarding the project.

Study and Plan

Secondly, they study and plan according to the targeted market. Then they create a probable strategy by keeping client’s demands in their minds in order to deliver an advanced application.

UI/UX Design

Then they move to the designing phase. They create easy to use UI and UX with fabulous graphics.


They keep in view the client’s demands, and generate a prototype accordingly for the approval.

Development Phase

When the prototype is accepted by the client, then the company moves towards the next phase which is the development of the project. They utilize trending and convenient technology, tools and software in the development of flawless apps.

Evaluation and Delivery

In the evaluation process they carried out QA testing of the app to make sure now flaw is left. Then finally they handover the app to the client on the given deadline.


They are experts in the field ofandroid mobile app development, iOS app development in New York.

About company

It is another app development company in New York, ranking among the top 5 companies. They deliver the most convenient and easiest mobile and web apps to their clients. They claim that if you hire them then you do not need to worry about your project as they are experts in their work. They also do marketing of your app through Wikipedia page creator.


If you want to place your order then you will observe the four-stage project development process.

Venture brief

Firstly, the client is required to submit a brief which must have all the details about the project. Company’s professionals analyze and comprehend the brief and plan the further procedure accordingly.

Payment plan

Then they offer payment plans according to the project brief and demands of the clients. They do not have any additional charges and the plan is fairly transparent.


They generate captivating prototypes and wait for the client’s confirmation to proceed further.


Once they get consent, then they start its final development and then timely deliver it to the client.


They have expert professionals who are capable to create clone iPhone and Android apps by utilizing proficient and advanced tools and software.

About company

Createanapp is a well-recognized app development company that is expert in providing best app development services for the platforms like Android and iOS. They develop such types of apps that always stand out.


They work on a four-stage process for the successful completion of the venture.

Planning and analysis

In order to create an enticing app, they collect details of the project from the client and then plan afterwards. They plan and analyze according to all the possible options they have.

Design and development

Then they create a captivating UI/UX design of the app, send the initial prototype to the client and ask for further recommendations. Once they get approval then they start the development process.

Testing and implementation

Then comes the most vital part of the work process which is the testing and implementation. They effectively run testing and QA processes to eliminate any remaining flaws.


They aim to provide full satisfaction to the clients and deliver projects on time. They are popular for delivering projects on time.


They have an expert team of highly educated and skilled professionals who are expert in the development of mobile apps, game apps, web apps and websites.

About company

It is one of the leading app development companies. It claims that it provides such types of apps that are capable of doubling the revenue generation. They are experts in providing clone apps. They deliver projects on time and offer the most affordable payment plans.


Their working process is based on four stages.


First and foremost, stage is the collection of all the mandatory details about the project. Client submits the project’s brief and the company analyzes it properly. Before starting designing and development it is required to be aware about the needs of the clientele.


Next stage is to design the app in such a way that it must captivate the user’s attention but at the same time must be user-friendly. Once they designed the app then they sent it to the client for approval.


Once the design is approved, then they start the development of the app by picking the best tools, software and technology which is required by the project.


Once they complete the development process then they test the app to make sure no error is left. Afterwards, they launch the app in the market.


Their core expertise: Clone app development, Android app development, iOS app development, cloud and database management.

Final words

You can select any company from all the above-mentioned mobile app development companies in New York. They all are expert and detect how to utilize their expertise in the best possible way.

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