Hear It from The Achievers of Our INSEED Program: A Platform That Builds Leaders of Tomorrow

It from The Achievers

‘In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.’

Skillmine lays utmost importance on continuously nurturing talent. INSEED program is one such innovative program we have designed to encourage learning in Tech minds. It’s a 3-month long skill-building and development program that aims to upskill technologically-inclined graduates to prepare them for the competitive corporate world. Graduates with a proven academic track record are selected and trained in the areas of Information Security, Digital Transformation, AI and ML, Cloud, and IT Infrastructure, as part of the program. 

The program was launched in 2018. So far, over 20 batches have attended it, and over 200 candidates have been assigned to manage various clients of Skillmine. Here we will introduce a few selected technocrats who have completed the INSEED training program.

Know our achievers:

Sathyanarayana Swamy TS:

After completing his Bachelor of Engineering from Kalpataru Institute of Technology in 2019, Satyanarayana underwent Network Administration training under the INSEED program. The program gave him a platform to learn about the latest technologies. He explored more about Network Administration through the training session. Satyanarayana is currently working as a Network Engineer. He also handles various data centre projects for the client.

Bhanu Kiran:

Bhanu had completed his B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering before enrolling in the INSEED program. He was able to enhance his knowledge in networking, monitoring and security by attending the program. Bhanu also got a chance to brush up his communication and leadership skills through the INSEED training modules. He got accustomed to multiple monitoring and ticketing tools used in IT businesses. Presently Bhanu is working as an IT Operations specialist and works with IT monitoring tools.

Abhijit Nair:

Abijith is a qualified engineer with an academic degree from Mumbai University. Following his graduation, he was selected for training under the INSEED program. He could easily adapt to various technologies through modules like CCNA and CCNP concepts, CompTIA N+, Linux Redhat RHCSA, and Windows Server Administrator. The program gave him more clarity on his career trajectory and objectives. He could discover his area of interest with ease, as he was exposed to multiple technology sets during the training. He is currently a Network Engineer and deals with Citrix load balancers, Infoblox DDI solution, Akamai cloud-based Edge DNS and troubleshooting network-related issues.

Vishnu D:

Vishnu, a Cybersecurity Analyst, had completed his Bachelor’s degree in Information Security and Digital Forensics before enrolling on the INSEED program. He learnt the fundamentals of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), IT audit, ISO implementation and much more as part of the program. He got hands-on experience in cybersecurity by working on LIVE GRC projects. The knowledge gathered through the program also enabled Vishnu to sharpen his expertise in GRC, risk assessment and mitigation.

Akshit Manoj:

Akshit, who holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, underwent Azure Cloud Training as part of the INSEED program. His INSEED journey has transitioned him from a newbie in AZURE to an experienced professional capable of handling multi-cloud environments. He also got familiar with cloud automation through the training modules. He currently works as a cloud Engineer.


Skillmine is happy to have contributed to the success of these youngsters through our initiative, INSEED. The contribution of our in-house experts in training and motivating the young talent is noteworthy. We look forward to associating with a larger pool of talent in the coming years through the INSEED program.

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