How NOCs Keep Financial Systems Running Smoothly 

How NOCs Keep Financial Systems Running Smoothly

According to a recent report by Cybersecurity Intelligence, corporate cyberattacks increased by 50% in 2022. Financial entities, including banks, credit unions, and investment firms, handle substantial volumes of sensitive data daily, encompassing personal financial details, transaction histories, and customer records. Unauthorized access or breaches can result in significant financial losses, legal repercussions, and damage to reputation. Therefore, continuous monitoring is imperative to detect and prevent potential threats or vulnerabilities. NOC services play a pivotal role in safeguarding financial institutions by offering round-the-clock monitoring and IT infrastructure support.  

What is a NOC?

Network Operations Center (NOC) serves as a centralized hub where IT experts oversee, administer, and provide assistance for a company’s network infrastructure. NOC services operate 24/7 and are tailored to proactively detect and address technical issues, conduct regular maintenance, and ensure continuous monitoring of network performance. 

How Do NOCS Keep Financial Systems Running Smoothly? 

Continuous Monitoring and Assistance: NOC services offer uninterrupted monitoring and support, facilitating early identification and resolution of network issues. This guarantees minimal downtime and maintains the seamless operation of critical systems. 

Prompt Incident Response: Financial institutions can have confidence that NOC services will promptly handle any potential network incidents or vulnerabilities. This proactive strategy mitigates the risk of significant disruptions and ensures the ongoing smooth operation of business activities. 

Heightened Security: Cybersecurity poses a notable apprehension for every financial institution. NOC services enforce robust security protocols and continually surveil network activity to identify and counteract security threats. This safeguards sensitive financial data and thwarts unauthorized access. 

Cost Savings: Engaging specialized NOC service providers for network monitoring and management allows financial institutions to cut down on infrastructure expenses and evade costly downtimes. This eliminates the necessity for maintaining an internal team, thereby diminishing staffing and training costs. 

Scalability and Adaptability: Financial institutions contend with varying network traffic and processing needs. NOC services offer the adaptability to adjust resources according to the institution’s demands, guaranteeing optimal network performance consistently. 

Benefits of NOC Services in Financial Industry 

Enhanced Effectiveness: Through continuous monitoring and proactive resolution of issues, NOC services assist financial institutions in providing uninterrupted services to customers. This results in heightened operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. 

Elevated Customer Satisfaction: NOC services guarantee that financial institutions can offer smooth digital experiences to their customers. By averting service interruptions and facilitating swift incident resolutions, institutions can uphold customer trust and loyalty. 

Adherence to Compliance and Regulatory Standards: Financial institutions must comply with rigorous regulations like PCI-DSS. NOC services aid in meeting these requirements by instituting robust security measures, monitoring systems, and generating audit reports. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Establishing an internal team exclusively for network monitoring and management can incur significant expenses for financial institutions. Outsourcing to NOC service providers provides cost-effective solutions and grants access to skilled professionals without compromising on quality. 

Popular NOC Tools Used Globally 

NOC tools are crucial components of modern IT infrastructures, providing essential capabilities for monitoring, managing, and optimizing network performance.  

Some of the Best NOC Tools 

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM): Renowned for its robust network monitoring capabilities, NPM automatically generates network topology maps and compiles asset inventories, providing IT teams with a comprehensive view of their network infrastructure. With customizable dashboards and real-time alerts, NPM enables proactive management of Network Operations Center processes . 

LogicMonitor: It is another widely used NOC tool that leverages cloud-based monitoring software called “collectors.” These collectors run on servers within the network and communicate with the cloud, facilitating seamless monitoring of network performance and infrastructure health. LogicMonitor’s scalable architecture and intuitive interface make it suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.   

OpenNMS: This is a versatile NOC tool capable of running as an independent system, handling both network and infrastructure monitoring tasks. With features such as event management, performance monitoring, and fault detection, OpenNMS provides comprehensive visibility into network operations, empowering IT teams to proactively address issues and ensure optimal performance. 

BigPanda: This tool stands out for its compatibility with existing monitoring, change management, collaboration, and ticketing applications. By aggregating alerts from various sources and correlating them into actionable incidents, BigPanda helps streamline incident management processes and reduce alert fatigue, allowing IT teams to focus on resolving critical issues efficiently. 

Moogsoft: It offers pre-built workflows and integrations with notification and alerting solutions, enabling organizations to automate incident management processes and improve response times. By leveraging AI-driven insights and predictive analytics, Moogsoft helps IT teams identify and resolve issues before they impact business operations. 

ServiceNow: ServiceNow is a comprehensive IT service management platform that enables organizations to set up and manage workflows and configurations efficiently. With features such as incident management, change management, and configuration management, ServiceNow facilitates seamless collaboration and communication across IT teams, ensuring prompt resolution of network issues and minimizing downtime. 


NOC services can significantly enhance the reliability of IT systems. Through constant 24/7 monitoring, proactive issue resolution, and swift incident response, NOC services bring about performance optimization and heightened security. Implementing robust NOC services can alleviate downtime, avert financial losses, and uphold customer satisfaction. Skillmine’s NOC services focus on enhancing security by offering a reliable solution for businesses seeking continuous operational efficiency. 

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