Why eComPaaS

eComPaaS offers an environment for building e-commerce applications quickly. It gives you a high degree of flexibility and customization with replaceable parts of the framework code and bootstrapping to build and scale faster.

It incorporates robust workflows and tailor-made, reusable components and domain
specific insights which are suitable for building virtually all kinds of online shops and e-commerce related(web) applications.

We employed a sturdy architectural model that can swiftly adapt to changing business
models, with heavy use of interfaces and standard design patterns that are extensible by user written code.


Key Features

Customizable product
types and attributes

Product options,
variations & attributes


Fully customizable

Robust and Flexible

Light weight

Add speed & agility to your Ecom application

Create your online store from the scratch with our indigenous robust framework offered by
eComPaaS that help you build a successful business online in faster timelines

Features of eComPaaS

Business Benefits

  • Track and process all store orders with one dashboard right from purchase to delivery.
  • Handle shipping and fulfilments in an optimized manner and add suppliers. Real time integration with your ERP and CRM system
  • Manage all your business transactions efficiently and timely track from a centralized console.
  • Form a data-driven business plan for your online store with industry standard metrics and methods.
  • The automated workflows enable various teams to collaborate and work towards common objectives.
  • An integrated analytics dashboard lets you review your sales success, channelize your marketing efforts and create tailored business reports

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