Why Are Businesses Migrating To Sharepoint?

Why Are Businesses Migrating To Sharepoint

The number of available cloud storage options in the market can be overwhelming. Although Microsoft may have built both OneDrive and SharePoint, there are some distinctions and a fair amount of overlap between the two programmes. OneDrive focuses on cloud storage, but SharePoint is more appropriately referred to as document management software. Businesses are increasingly migrating to SharePoint. Here are a few reasons for that

Simplified access management of external user access

SharePoint offers a solution to all the restrictions placed on users of on-premise systems concerning their capacity to share content. Users of SharePoint can share specific files, folders, and websites with anyone with a Microsoft Account connected to their business email address. Furthermore, visitor URLs can be given for special edits or read permissions. 

Enhances the ‘OneDrive for Business’ experience

OneDrive is easier to access with SharePoint, allowing you to share and save your files on the cloud. Organizations can securely store all their data in the cloud with OneDrive for Business, and any user on any device can access, modify, and share those files internally and externally. You can specify individual access permissions when saving your working files to the cloud in your “My Documents” folder. Additionally, you may sync files between SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business with the help of the new “Sync Client” functionality. Finally, the new OneDrive mobile app gives you a mobile-friendly experience and offers analytics about your document’s use. 

Gives ready access to updates and new features

Microsoft has always adopted a proactive communication approach regarding the latest upgrades and new features. Users of Office 365 have the advantage of getting all updates on upgrades and new versions at the earliest possible time. 

Sensitivity labelling

With SharePoint, it’s never been simpler to ensure that only persons who are permitted to see or consume specific content do so. Office files and emails can be easily safeguarded using content marking and auto-labelling. Users can also set “Privacy and external user access” and “Device access and external sharing” preferences in Groups and Site labelling. 


Migrating to SharePoint is a new trend among enterprises. However, your business’s needs, strategy, and direction are the factors that determine whether you migrate to SharePoint or not. It’s essential to have a clear migration strategy and a thorough awareness of all associated expenses, tools, and resources in case a business intends to move to SharePoint. Know how Skillmine can help you migrate seamlessly to SharePoint

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