You have all the crucial information in the world online. But is it secure? Are you confident that there is no loophole in your security system? With governments and businesses shifting online at a faster pace than ever before- thanks to the pandemic- the need for awareness and education on cyber security has increased. We need to be cautious in designing a framework for a future- a cyber smart one.

Let’s understand this step by step.

What is cyberspace?

In layman’s terms, cyberspace is the virtual space created by computers. Interaction via cyberspace happens virtually. Anyone using the internet is a participant in cyberspace.

Challenges of cyberspace

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore technology! The way technology has been shaping the world around us is phenomenal. You would be living in a fool’s paradise if you believed cyberspace to be a safe zone. With increased access to the internet, cybercriminals are having a field day. Cyber thefts and frauds are a common story now. In this era of IoT (Internet of Things) where companies and brands try to make optimum utilization of the existing technologies, we must know the threats and challenges that cyberspace poses.

Get an insight into the challenges posed by cyberspace:

• Disruption: A technique used by cybercriminals to distract you, can cost your business time and money. They might try disrupting your business through internet outages or through ransomware which has been on a rise recently.

•  Distortion: Hackers may try distorting data put out on your website. The distorted data might cause your customers to be cheated. 

• Cloud jacking: Cloud services are used by many businesses these days. Cloud jacking is when a third party infiltrates your cloud service. Hacking cloud platforms is one of the challenges in cyber security for businesses. Carrying out such an attack on the enterprise data could pose a massive threat to the organization.

• IoT Attacks: IoT devices are devices used in computing, digital, and mechanical systems, which autonomously transmit data over a network. Many everyday devices like some in-car apps, fitness trackers, etc make use of IoT. Cyber security threats are looming large with the use of IoT devices is increasing regularly. Sensitive data finds its way into the hands of attackers if IoT devices as attacked.