Choosing the Best NOC Monitoring Tool 

Choosing the Best NOC Monitoring Tool 

A fintech business faced mounting challenges in ensuring the security and reliability of its network infrastructure. With Skillmine’s robust Network Operations Center (NOC) services, the company experienced a transformative shift in its operations. Real-time monitoring of network traffic, performance metrics, and security events enabled proactive identification and resolution of potential issues before they escalated. Additionally, detailed insights provided by the NOC tools empowered the business to optimize resource allocation and make informed decisions to support its growth. 

Importance of Network Monitoring 

A secure and responsive network is paramount to maintain seamless connectivity and productivity. Without proper monitoring, your network operates akin to a vehicle lacking warning indicators. While everything may appear fine initially, unseen issues can rapidly escalate, leading to severe disruptions. Monitoring your network is crucial for various reasons, such as identifying security threats, monitoring router logs, detecting unusual traffic patterns, and tracking network changes. 

The ramifications of network issues extend far beyond mere inconvenience. They can result in: 

  • Financial losses 
  • Reputational damage  
  • Disrupted business operations 
  • Compromised customer data privacy 
Types of Network Monitoring 

Active Monitoring: These tools actively detect and prevent network attacks, including intrusion detection systems (IDS), firewalls, antivirus software, and anti-spam filters. Continuously scanning the network for suspicious activity, they promptly alert users of any anomalies. 

Passive Monitoring: Passive monitoring tools collect network data without user interaction. Examples include ping sweepers, traceroute generators, packet sniffers, and port scanners. These tools analyze network connectivity by sending specialized packets and recording responses. 

Benefits of NOC Monitoring Tools
How to Choose the Best NOC Monitoring Tool? 

When selecting a network monitoring tool, it’s crucial to determine the type of monitoring that suits your needs. If comprehensive oversight of network activities is your priority, an active monitoring system is likely the preferred choice. Conversely, if a broader view of network events is sufficient, a passive monitoring solution may be more suitable. 

Several factors influence the selection of a network monitoring tool, including cost, ease of installation, and device support. 

Cost: For budget-conscious users, free options like NetFlow by FlowTraq or SNMP Trap Monitor by Hewlett Packard may suffice. While lacking advanced features and support, these tools are adequate for most users. 

Ease of Installation: Opting for a user-friendly installation process is essential for seamless integration. Most modern network monitoring solutions require Windows Server 2022, along with additional software such as Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Edition or Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. 

Device Support: If your network comprises a diverse array of devices, prioritizing solutions capable of handling multiple devices is advisable. Aim for a network monitoring tool with support for 100 to 1,000 devices to ensure comprehensive coverage. 

Popular NOC Monitoring Tools 

Cisco VCS Express: Ideal for small businesses seeking efficient network monitoring solutions, Cisco VCS Express offers seamless surveillance of wired and wireless networks. Designed to empower IT administrators, it swiftly identifies and resolves issues, preventing downtime and safeguarding business operations.  

NetFlow: Among the longest-standing network monitoring tools, NetFlow captures comprehensive network traffic data, including IP addresses, ports, and protocols. Integrated into the TCP/IP protocol suite, it enjoys widespread adoption across various networking platforms.  

Nmap: Developed by Fyodor, Nmap stands out as a versatile network monitoring tool, offering rapid scanning capabilities for both local area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs). Its swift scanning process extends to individual hosts or groups, making it an efficient choice for network administrators. 

Wireshark: Widely recognized as a premier packet sniffer, Wireshark provides in-depth packet monitoring across computer networks. Leveraging its open-source nature from the Ethereal project, Wireshark serves as a valuable troubleshooting tool for addressing network connectivity issues.  

Snort: Functioning as an intrusion detection system (IDS), Snort delivers real-time protection against malicious attacks. As an open-source solution originating from the Ethereal project, Snort offers customizable rulesets tailored to various security threats, ensuring robust network security.  


Gaining insight into the functioning of your network can alert you to the potential signs of compromise or intrusion at an early stage. When network monitoring tools detect irregularities in performance, your IT team can promptly recognize network threats, allowing them to effectively mitigate data breaches and other malicious attacks. Skillmine’s NOC services provide businesses with comprehensive monitoring and management services, enabling swift identification of network issues. By leveraging advanced monitoring tools and skilled engineersSkillmine ensures timely resolution of network issues, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency for businesses. 

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