Skillmine’s INSEED program has been driving learning and development, providing graduates with opportunities to work in leading corporations. This 3-month skill-building initiative focuses on areas such as Information Security, Digital Transformation, AI and ML, Cloud, and IT Infrastructure. Since its launch in 2018, the program has successfully completed over 20 batches, with 200 candidates being recruited to date. Now, let’s meet a few outstanding individuals who have excelled through the INSEED program.

Know our achievers:

Akshay Anand:

Akshay, a Masters’s degree holder in Computer Applications had a stint with cybersecurity as part of his college project. His fascination with the field drove him to pursue a career in it. As part of the INSEED program, Akshay underwent training in an array of topics like computer networking and security concepts, OSI model, SIEM, Penetration Testing, Metasploit, OWASP TOP10, Encryption and decryption, Email analysis, Wireshark, and more. The program shaped his vision about the scope of cyber security in the future and empowered him with new technologies to defend precious business systems. Equipped with the knowledge gathered through INSEED, Akshay currently works as a Security analyst in a leading private-sector bank.

Prakash Shinde:

An Engineering graduate from the prestigious Mumbai University, Prakash, was able to build a strong foundation and professional discipline through the 3-month long INSEED program. He advanced his knowledge in firewalls and data centre networks through the program. He currently works with a leading financial services provider as a Network Security Engineer and is responsible for ensuring a safe and secure space for troubleshooting firewalls such as Palo Alto, FortiGate & Checkpoint.

Shashank Gowda:

After completing his undergraduate degree in Information Science Engineering, Shashank enrolled in the INSEED program. The program broadened his understanding and knowledge about core networking concepts, CEH guidelines, and ethical hacking. The training served as a catalyst in preparing Shashank for bridging the gap between his aspirations and the requirements of the position and positioning him as a strong and qualified candidate. The program helped him bag the role of a Cyber Security Analyst in a leading company in the banking sector.

Shashank Jain:

Shashank’s degree in Information Technology gave him a solid foundation in computer systems, networking, and cybersecurity. Shashank also leveraged his certifications in Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet network security and Citrix ADC to enhance his knowledge. He considers enrolling in the INSEED program as a great opportunity. The well-structured modules provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts, best practices, and technologies related to network engineering and security. He currently works as a Network Security Project lead and is responsible for overseeing the implementation of network security measures to protect the organization’s systems, applications, and data. He works closely with the cyber security monitoring team to identify vulnerabilities and design a comprehensive security framework that includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, access control mechanisms, etc.

Mohd. Alaif:

Alaif attended the Web full-stack development boot camp as a part of the INSEED program. Along with enlarging his understanding of backend and frontend software development, the program helped him identify his area of interest. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and expert guidance, the training sessions helped Alaif refine his abilities. The program equipped him with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to secure the role of a Junior Full Stack Developer.


Skillmine’s success in motivating talented candidates through the INSEED program can be attributed to the invaluable contribution of our dedicated in-house trainers. Our trainers play a pivotal role in supporting and guiding trainees, helping them navigate challenges and grow their skills. Their constant support, expertise, and mentorship empower participants to excel and overcome obstacles. Skillmine remains committed to absorbing and training new talent through the INSEED program in the future.

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