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“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.”

Skillmine has consistently upheld the cause of knowledge acquisition and skill development. INSEED, one of Skillmine’s pioneering initiatives, provides fresh graduates a unique opportunity to kickstart their careers by working on projects for leading global organizations. This program not only enhances existing expertise but also instills new proficiencies in areas like information security, digital transformation, AI/ML, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure.

Since its launch in 2018, over 20 successful batches have completed the INSEED program, showcasing the remarkable performance of technocrats selected for this transformative experience.

Hemanth Kumar Raghupatruni:

Hemant graduated with a BTech degree in Computer Science in 2021. As a part of the INSEED program, Hemant underwent training in networking, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), malware analysis, and hands-on experiments. The approach adopted in INSEED allowed him to do a deep dive into new concepts within the realm of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Hemant currently serves as a Cybersecurity Analyst in the domain of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and his professional trajectory aligns with a specialization in safeguarding against data breaches and ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Satyam Singh:
sathyam singh

With a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication, Satyam was keen about understanding more about Data Security. During the INSEED Program, he underwent comprehensive training sessions that delved into the intricacies of technology infrastructure and data security. Satyam says that the outcomes of the program have had a positive impact in his early stages of his career. He currently works as a Cybersecurity Analyst and his role revolves around DLP solutions, testing, and development, safeguarding against data breaches and ensuring the integrity of sensitive information.

K Nageshkumar Allurkar:

A Bachelor of Engineering specializing in Electrical and Electronics, Nageshkumar enrolled in the INSEED program to enhance his practical knowledge about latest technologies. His training spanned a broad spectrum of technical skills, emphasizing software testing and development methodologies. This program delved into programming languages like Java, Python, and essential tools including Git and Agile methodologies. The program also equipped him with automation testing expertise using Selenium-Java, Python-Selenium, and API testing. Presently, he serves as a QA Automation Engineer in the internal product team (DataV).

Roshan Kumar Jha:
Roshan Kumar gi

Having graduated successfully in Mechanical Engineering in 2020, Roshan’s educational journey had laid the groundwork for a dynamic career path. During the INSEED Program, he underwent specialized training in software testing, marking a pivotal phase in his professional development. The program provided a holistic experience, offering comprehensive training in both technical and non-technical aspects. Roshan mastered various testing methodologies, such as black-box testing, white-box testing, and gray-box testing. In his current role as a QA Automation Engineer, he specializes in manual testing, automation testing, and API testing, showcasing a robust expertise in ensuring software quality and reliability.

Kruthika M

A Civil Engineering graduate, Kruthika underwent extensive and specialized training in Quality Assurance (QA) Automation, focusing on Software Testing, as part of the INSEED Program. The curriculum included Manual Testing, Core Java, Python programming languages, API testing, SQL for database interactions, and the implementation of test automation frameworks using Java Selenium and Python Selenium. By learning Java Selenium and Python Selenium, she acquired the ability to create automated test scripts, execute tests, and efficiently identify defects. Kruthika is currently employed as a QA Automation Engineer.


Skillmine has successfully inspired and guided several skilled professionals through the INSEED program. Our committed in-house trainers play a crucial role in continually offering support and mentorship to unleash the full potential of our trainees. We are enthusiastic about cultivating talent in the upcoming years through this impactful initiative.

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