IT compliance management is the constant process of monitoring and evaluating systems to make sure they abide by corporate and regulatory rules and requirements, as well as industry and security standards. Employees and senior officers must remain on the same page in order to manage a company’s processes and preserve the company’s culture. Large firms can design and manage their important procedures, rules, and standards with the aid of automated compliance management systems (CMS).

A leading EdTech firm was in need of amore structured IT compliance management approach. They were looking for an automated IT compliance management solution that enhanced collaboration while being cost-effective. Skillmine COMPLYment, an indigenous IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution met these criteria. With a user-friendly interface, COMPLYment solution gives a reporting dashboard which generates insights like trends, corrective actions undertaken, upcoming audit, audit findings, etc. The tool helped the organization to track, monitor and audit several aspects of IT compliance at one shot. 

5 Benefits COMPLYment gives your business
5 Benefits COMPLYment gives your business
Steps to simplify IT compliance management

Identify your IT compliance requirements: What are the local or state data privacy laws that your business must abide by? Do you cater to customers in Europe or elsewhere? Consider these questions before initiating your IT compliance management process. With the help of a third-party compliance risk assessment, you will be able to create your compliance policies and processes and complete your IT audit checklist.

Create compliance policies: Once your compliance requirements are clear, you may create your compliance policies. The policies should cover everything, from email security to cybersecurity onboarding for new hires to proper backup and data preservation.

Use the right tool: The following points need to be considered while choosing the compliance tool:

  • It should ensure system security through appropriate authentication procedures.
  • The tool must be able to identify risk factors.
  • It should reduce compliance costs through centralized governance.
  • The tool has to incorporate security and privacy into all actions involving sensitive data.
  • It should save the business time by ensuring that all compliance requirements are met.


An automated compliance management solution helps to set up efficient compliance checks that helps to reduce time and expense. Manual compliance procedures take more time, are more error-prone, and are more difficult to check. In hybrid environments, choosing the appropriate automation technologies is essential for quick implementation across network and data centre software platforms. Skillmine’s COMPLYment offers a comprehensive, end-to-end IT GRC management solution. It provides a platform that unifies all your business and IT compliance requirements, allowing you to continuously review and do controlled testing of IT policies.

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