As businesses continue to be more digitally-oriented, and the employee experience is driven by technology, they are bound to face challenges around the process of digital transformation. These challenges tend to slow down Digital Transformation and IT Consulting Services.

What are these challenges and how do businesses tackle them effectively?

Digital Adoption

Introducing a new software tool to your employee is equivalent to onboarding him. Digital transformation can be successful only when the employee experience is placed at the center of all the processes. The tool would go useless without true adoption. 70% of digital transitions fail, most often due to employee resistance, according to a survey by McKinsey. It’s necessary to embrace the fact that there is a gap between humans and technology, after all. Enable customer service, pieces of training and provide actionable insights to your employees to ensure that they are on the same page.

What are the top challenges in digital transformation
Cultural mindset shift

Digital transformation not only involves technology but people who make use of that technology too. Since it’s concerned with people, it involves mindsets as well. It’s about transforming the way we live and work using digital technology, without losing sight of the human experience. It’s a change in work culture. Hence, a lack of a digital mindset may lead to resentment towards a more technological workspace. According to an Accenture poll of 8,300 senior business and IT professionals, nine out of ten corporate leaders are apprehensive to achieve success in the digital sphere.

It is important to ensure that the employees understand the benefits that a technologically driven business brings to both the parties- employees and customers. The employees must be motivated to work with new technology. This shift in mindset must begin at the board level and trickle vertically downwards to the staff.


Technology is constantly evolving, and new tools are being dispensed to help you navigate and optimize the existing tools. The complexity of technology is such that at times existing tools can be fully used only with the help of new tools. Multiple layers to the system can make the system complicated, reducing its productivity. You can overcome the Benefits of digital transformation challenge by simplifying and streamlining your digital systems. Look at your system holistically. Connect the different platforms to create a seamless experience for the employees.


Many large companies have fallen prey to cyber-attacks. With COVID 19 propelling companies to migrate to the cloud, strengthening security has been given utmost importance. An upsurge in cyber attacks after the COVID-19 epidemic has been largely witnessed in the domain of data exfiltration and leakage, according to a survey among IT security specialists throughout the world. The key is to look at security as a key to accelerating the digital transformation journey rather than as a challenge to it. Prioritize security as it helps in gaining the trust of your customers.


Another challenge is to keep up with the latest in Digital Transformation and IT Consulting Services. The pace for change is always picking up and businesses sometimes struggle to keep up with the pace of technological advancements.

Make sure you are equipped for the technology change. Maintain an agile mindset and invest in a digital strategy. Skillmine Technology Consulting has been doing an incredible job with respect to building an agile workforce. This has helped turn Skillmine into a pioneer in IT and Tech. This is a model that other businesses can replicate.

Technology is ever-evolving. Businesses should understand that missing the digital transformation train would cost them dearly. By embracing digital transformation, you are working towards adopting an omnichannel approach that helps you connect with your customer in a multitude of ways.

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