The concept of digital transformation did not sprout all of a sudden during this pandemic season. It has been evolving for the past ten years, to take its current form. But undoubtedly, the pandemic has accelerated the progress of digital transformation by huge leaps.

What is digital transformation, you ask

Digital transformation is not just about investing in the latest technology. It is a continuous process that involves mundane, but critical, work to build a strong digital base, initiative to integrate different platforms, a cultural transformation, and swimming with the tide with an adaptive mindset. Digital transformation encompasses the latest in technology like cloud, cyber security, Artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things etc. Your organization would be missing out on a huge chunk of benefits if it neglects the digital transformation bus.

As conversations around digital transformation heat up, one terminology that has gathered attention is the digital transformation mindset. Why is it that the word ‘mindset’ is associated with digital transformation here? As you know, digital transformation is not just about technology. It is also about the people involved in bringing the technology to use. That’s where cultivating the right mindset becomes key in driving digital transformation.

Come on! Put your thinking hats on!

What is a digital transformation mindset?

Like any kind of transformation, digital transformation brings in a change. And having a digital transformation mindset builds that confidence in you to use digital technologies to solve your problems. A bunch of qualities is what differentiates people with a digital mindset from the rest. Here are a few of them.

• Adaptive: A person with a digital transformation mindset responds well to change. He/she dares to disrupt and take initiative. He is flexible and upskills himself to adapt to the changing needs of the environment.

•  Growth-Oriented: Digital transformation mindset is driven by curiosity and commitment. Such a person is always on the lookout to learn new things and implement them.

•  Failure: Many a time, failure prevents you from taking the next big shot. A person with a digital transformation mindset views failure as a learning opportunity.

• Ecosystem focus: Having a digital transformation mindset prompts a person to view the larger picture. He/she prioritizes the well-being of the whole multiorganizational system; Not just their company.