Why Us

We take pride in differentiating ourselves as below:

Problem Solving Consulting
Before every consulting exercise, we ask ourselves one basic question “What problem we are trying to solve?”. This makes us very adamant to focus and do only those things WHICH WILL MAKE US IMMENSELY SUCCESSFUL. Our consulting services with profound exposure and experience in IT Infrastructure, IT Security, Automation, Applications and Processes is very “mean” about providing a “lean” and "to-the-point" solutions or processes or systems to our customers.
Simplify Technology Transformation
With advents of new technologies like Virtualization & Mobility, Online, Apps etc, we strive to Simplify the design for ease of scalability, elasticity and adaptability with reduction is Capex & Opex. The core principle at heart is to provide flexibility and agility to up performance & throughput to better align IT to business without being rigid. At Skillmine, we execute simple solutions with high-calibre service delivery ensuring better Business–IT alignment. We are very flexible to achieve your business needs to leverage Infrastructure, Applications, Security and Systems Management Services. We invest massively in building relationships, improving quality and driving the cost down to enable our clients outdo their business competition.
Execution Driven Staffing & Trainings
The Length & Breadth of our network enables us to identify and on-board the right talent for our customers in a contract mode. Our training approach has deep focus on hands-on subject matter. We also include high degree of adaptability in our trainees by including practical workshops on “Power in the Fingertips”, “Communication Effectiveness” and “Boundary less Behavior” thereby turning the individuals into SMARTER & SKILLED personnel obsessed with outcomes. We also provide good insights on “How to be a global citizen” to handle different cultural aspects of communications around the globe.
Predictive Service Delivery
Smart techniques to reduce “mean-time to fix” and “mean-time between failures” with impeccable consistency and metric-based services is the core to our approach. This approach together with hands-on experience and deep rooted expertise delivers advance Availability and IT Service Levels.

Our no-nonsense ITIL based process underscore the time taken to complete a task. This is further complemented by our structured methodology called “Service Clock” to include discipline and predict SLAs to hand over consistently.
Intelligent Capacity Management
Today’s business thrives on meeting customer demands. Our approach to manage and maintain the capacity is wise and adapts a data based approach to manage suitable elasticity as well as sweating the assets to rationalize utilization.
Flexible & Industrialized Maintenance
The main key to reliable IT Systems is to keep it smelling fresh always. Our methodology of Standardized & Industrialized Maintenance processes keeps it totally compliant and fresh. This provides much needed flexibility to manage with scarce downtime to make maintenance, a non-event.
Self-Heal & Self-Help
Automation is the key to reduce TCO and deliver better User Experience. Our methodologies to create self-healing techniques and simple, intuitive and self-help custom tools, make IT a companion of the team-mates to do their daily business and contribute to the overall productivity.




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