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“If you convert your time into training, you will be wise.’’

Skillmine has always been in support of promoting growth and learning. The INSEED is a cutting-edge program that allows graduates to work for top organisations. The foundation of the INSEED program conducted for three months, is skill development. As part of the program, graduates with an established academic record are chosen and trained in information security, digital transformation, AI and ML, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure.

Since the program’s launch in 2018, more than 20 batches have graduated. Here are a few candidates who excelled in the program.

Know our achievers:

Abhilash Sharma

Abhilash joined Skillmine in 2022 as an Associate Software Engineer in the Technical department. The training modules have developed him into a well-rounded Tech professional. He is delighted about the opportunities for learning and development he has been able to explore at Skillmine. In his view, the INSEED program is a seamless amalgamation of learning, on-the-job training, and opportunities to work in diverse environments. He is currently working as an Associate Software Engineer at a leading private bank.

Syed Tawseef

Before joining the INSEED program, Syed Tawseef had completed his Masters in Computer Science and Information Technology. The training he received in Cybersecurity as part of INSEED helped him crack his interview easily. Currently working as a Cybersecurity Analyst at one of India’s leading banks, Syed’s job involves performing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to secure the applications and provide protection from attackers by identifying the vulnerabilities at the earliest. 

Akash Nandkishor Dabhade

Akash completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Shivaji University in 2018. As a part of the INSEED program, he learnt Full Stack Development. He has built a solid knowledge base about how API works, how real-time programming goes on, etc., that he hopes will help him greatly in his career. He currently works on an API Documentation project in one of India’s largest private banks.

Dhanush NM

Dhanush completed his B-tech in Information Science and Engineering before enrolling in the INSEED program. As a part of the program, he learnt web application full stack development by practising projects corresponding to the course. Towards the end of the program, he was assigned to a new project. Dhanush believes the INSEED program is an excellent platform for newcomers to explore the Tech arena. He gained expertise in the MERN stack and improved his communication skills and practical knowledge of technical concepts. He is currently working as a Junior Full Stack Developer for Spotlight project in Skillmine.

Durbha Sailaja

Durbha completed her Post Graduation in the stream of Computer Applications. She learned Web Development and Java Language basics as part of the INSEED program. The training program enriched her basic knowledge of frontend and backend programming languages of web development. The training session gave her a good understanding of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, NodeJS, and ReactJS. Durbha is presently working as a Frontend Developer in Skillmine’s Spotlight project.


Skillmine has been able to motivate and guide talented candidates through the INSEED program. A considerable contribution in this regard is made by our in-house trainers, who enable the trainees to face challenges better through constant support and guidance. We look forward to absorbing and training new talent through the INSEED program in the coming years.

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