Hello folks! Let’s talk some business! What is the one thing that helped businesses function during this tough period? Have you wondered how organizations could streamline the work without going off the deep end? 

We are at the cusp of hyper-digitization. What began as a wave of digital transformation across the globe 5 years back is making way for more digitization. And Cloud is the cornerstone of that hyper-digitized world – A world of opportunities and a revamped workspace.

A study by RightScale, “State of the Cloud Survey, 7th edition,” shows that nearly 1,000 IT professionals say that 96% of their organizations have active cloud implementations. And 81% who took the survey have more than one active cloud implementation. This clearly points to the importance of a well-advanced IT service. The changing landscape of business has propelled IT service as a determinant of a successful business. These days, the success and failure of any enterprise are invariably tethered to the quality of its IT delivery system.#

Digitization driven by the cloud has made businesses survive the disruption. The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic confined people to their homes, compelling them to work remotely, by communicating, coordinating online. While all sectors, big and small, had to shift to the electronic route, companies had to become extremely dependent on cyberspace to get their work done. 

Did it ever occur in your wildest dreams that you would be working for over a year at the comfort of your home? The challenge is to maintain employee productivity and operational efficiency. This couldn’t have been possible if not for cloud computing. In the present circumstances, cloud computing components are vital to overcoming the ongoing situation.

In addition to this, as countries worldwide focus on bringing down the virus spread, the cloud services offer an innovative platform to enhance the productivity of health care workers. It aids in the war against the COVID-19 virus by helping in detecting, tracking, and monitoring the newly infected person. In a way, cloud computing is the silent soldier in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So, what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the on-demand access to computer-system resources without direct active management by the user. Resources like data storage, applications, tools, and more would be made available by the cloud services provider for a fee charged as per usage. These services are available over the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is inherently designed to manage changing demand and if implemented in the right manner, it can handle increased requests.

Want to understand this in simpler terms? Here it goes!

Cloud computing is a service that lets people use online services that are generally available through any device with an internet connection. This means that the user needn’t be at a particular location to access a particular data. This way, it saves a lot of money and time. There isn’t a requirement for dedicated machinery or software, as everything is taken care of by the applications on the cloud platform.