Much has been spoken and written about digital transformation that is a part of our everyday life now. But only when you sit back and think can you comprehend the plethora of changes it has introduced in our lives.

Digital transformation doesn’t concern only technology and machines. It is also about the people. And no digital transformation journey can yield true results, if it lacks the right digital transformation mindset.

So, What does digital transformation look like?

Digital transformation is a transformation in every sense- a change in business processes, marketing, culture, sales, and customer service. It has revamped the way we plan, strategize and deliver IT and Digital Transformation Consulting Services.

Digital transformation is a cumulative terminology for the phenomenon where the line of separation between the physical and the virtual worlds is blurred. The evolution of technology is what has helped design new digital models that align with the needs of employers and employees.

Let’s take a look at some concepts that go hand-in-hand with digital transformation:

Digitization: How far have we come in data storage? Not so far away in the future was a time when all information was stored in the form of files, documents, and records on wooden shelves. Come to the era of computers and we have information stored as files and documents on the system.

Digitalization: An IDC survey indicates that 65% of global GDP is expected to be digitalized by 2022. Digital technology made many unimaginable things possible in unimaginable ways. The advancement in digital technology has made businesses look at everything from a new perspective while encouraging innovations. Take the example of The Taylor and Francis (T&F) Group, a UK based academic publisher with offices across the US, the UK, South-East Asia and Australia. It engaged with a digital publishing solutions service provider to digitize the entire T&F frontlist and backlist. This created fresh opportunities for T&F to deliver content to a wider audience and helped to sell the books online.

Digital innovation: As machines get smarter with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, the importance of digital innovation has shot up. Technological progress is preceded by innovation. Research and development in the areas of new technologies have seen an increase with the changes that digital transformation has brought in.